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Dongguan ErAkic Electronic & Technology Co,. Ltd plays a role as a facilitator, who expects to take each business cooperation as a project and carries out the work of packing all deliverables to business demander in order to achieve a BWS2B (Business With Service to Business) mode business cooperation. BWS2B means enterprise A works with Facilitator together to create a business relationship with Enterprise B.

ErAKic, formerly known as Zengcheng Sanzhou Co., LTD was founded in Feb. 1992. Under the guidance of ZongXiang Bu's management ideas and business philosophy, Sanzhou experienced four developping stages: Brand Strategy, Diversification Developping Strategy, International Strategy and Network Strategy. Gradually, Sanzhou transformed into the present Dongguan ErAkic Electronic & Technology Co,. Ltd through three decades.

ErAKic, as a vinculum between demander and supplier, exists to optimize customer's resource chain. In this way, intermediate link has been omitted and module to module interaction and point-to-point service has been implemented. Finally, expenses will be reduced and quality will be ensured. Meanwhile, ErAKic provides a professional, digitized, and systematic service through its resources, management, and technology.
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