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+86 (769) 3355 1001
General consultation: 13760616261
Chemical cooperation: 13802735916
Lighting cooperation: 13790663116
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2130, Business Building 7, Lvdi Commercial Business Plaza, Luwu Village No.1, Xincheng Road, Changping Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong, CHINA 523570

ErAKic Chemical
Dongzhi Guangquan New Material Co., Ltd (Chizhou Lear Commercial and Trading Co.,Ltd)
Sales: Zongxiang Bu
Phone: +8613802735916
Telephone: +86-566-8068 209
Address: Zhangjiashan industrial park, Longquan Town, Dongzhi county, Chizhou, Anhui, CHINA
Zip Code: 247282

ErAKic Lighting
Dongguan Jude Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd
Sales: Jianwei Liu
Phone: +8613929230361
Telephone: +86-769-8102 0616
Address: No.305, 3F, Building E, No.1, Lingtouduan second alley, Lianhu road, Qiaotou town, Dongguan, Guangdong, CHINA
Zip Code: 523539

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